What:Performance or call it “Demonstration”

When:Right away-the perfect time

Where:Everywhere as long as my hunger rises

Why:Heart said so-Follow my heart

Who:Anyone or partners、teammates 、crew ..etc

How:Create-combine、coordinate people’s talents

Couple days ago,I saw a break dancer post a event/class on IG. I knew him by not very familiar with each other. However,I decided to contact him so we started talking on Line. He invented me to his program which presented on IG I saw before. Simultaneously,another friend C sent me a private message and told me about her some ideas about he choreography with Acroyoga and I also took participated in her team. Like I said yesterday I’m going to connect every dot in my life and try to weave all the dots of my life as possible as I can. Let’s see what’s gonna happen . I can’t wait to enjoy how fun it will be and imagine more than I thought!

Peace & Love


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